Oliver Theobald works as a Senior Operations Specialist for Alibaba Cloud where he works with cloud architects, machine learning engineers and product managers to produce content for customers regarding AI and cloud-based solutions in big data, smart cities, and security. He is also a part-time Instructor for

Oliver is a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is an Australian national of British and Austrian descent. Oliver has been living in Asia since 2011. He currently works in both Hangzhou and Beijing, China.

Oliver writes regular technical content on the topics of cloud computing, ICP registration, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and machine learning. His programming language of choice is Python and in his free time he enjoys studying Chinese, selecting his Fantasy Premier League team each week and listening to historical fiction and non-fiction audiobooks. 


While exposure to data has become more or less a daily ritual for the rank-and-file knowledge worker, true understanding—treated in this book as data literacy—resides in knowing what lies behind the data.

Everything, from the data’s source to the specific choice of input variables, algorithmic transformations, and visual representation all shape the accuracy, relevance, and value of the data and mark its journey from raw data to business insight.

It’s important that you can grasp the terminology and basic concepts of data analytics just as much as you need to understand basic accounting and financial literacy to be a successful decision maker in the business world.

This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in making sense of data analytics without the assumption that you understand specific data science terminology or advanced programming languages.


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